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Collective Guilt: What Should We Do With Bad Kids?

The United States has the highest rate of incarceration in the world, with 2.2 million people behind bars. We have five percent of the global population but 25 percent of its prisoners. Put another way: no country, not even China … Continue reading

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Help Wanted

Interesting/scary article about employment trends in Foreign Policy. One part leapt out at me, though it’s hard to talk about without sounding like a jackass: On why education and marriage are good goals for most people! As we have seen, globalization … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days

Now, I love vintage ’50s fashion as much as the next girl and I’m positively delirious with excitement about Season 5 of Mad Men, but this might be a good time to take a little non-ironic stroll down memory lane … Continue reading

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See You Monday

I’m taking the weekend off… back on Monday!

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Quick question

Should we care that American kids are illiterate? That some have undiagnosed learning disabilities or finish all schooling at age 12? That girls are taught homemaking skills rather than academic subjects? There are some conservative religious parents doing just that with no … Continue reading

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Holy Grail (skip if you have a Y chromosome, are <30, or lack vanity)

I’m super-excited because I think I may have found the holy grail of beauty products: the first skin care product I’ve used that actually delivers what it claims: baby soft skin. [Footnote: For 12 hours.] I burn easily. Sunscreen doesn’t “agree” … Continue reading

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Who Survives a Ferry Sinking?

I’m ambivalent about gendered public spaces. Even leaving aside trans-gender issues, which are real, I just find it hard to mount an intellectual defense of separate public spaces for men and women. It really gets my back up being barred … Continue reading

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50 Shades of Grey: Why Is It News that Women Like Sex?

 Apparently, I have a new shtick! Here I am, talking about women and sex at again.  (But I still write about child development and schools and other things, too.) We’re under threat again from American women’s rampaging libidos! You may have heard … Continue reading

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The Greatest Generation?

Andrew Sullivan has an interesting debate on whether twenty-somethings are having awkward sex (“Is Twenty-something sex really that awkward?). Apparently a lot of romantic-comedies and TV shows are showcasing the dorkiness of young adult sex but there’s an opposing view that this … Continue reading

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Public School Isn’t Hogwarts

A high school teacher friend told me last night that a 16 year-old student threw a desk at her. A big desk lifted off the floor. She’s about five feet tall. When I asked how the student was disciplined, my … Continue reading

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