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50 Ways To Say I Love You

 In honor of my husband’s 50th birthday, which I’m thinking of as a season, not just a day, I want to share something I wrote for him a while back.  I came up a little short on the birthday plans … Continue reading

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Oral Fixation

(I posted a similar version of this at Huffington Post here.) There’s a lot of drama going on at TIME about ‘extended’ breastfeeding and whether the cover photo of a gorgeous blond mother nursing a three-plus year-old was such a … Continue reading

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The Good News in Teen Births Isn’t Good Enough

This is my column today: The Centers for Disease Control just reported a 44% decline in the teenage birth rate since 1990, the lowest level in almost 70 years. The decline represents an actual decrease in teen pregnancy, not an increase … Continue reading

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Signs That We’re Reaching End Times

Do you ever have those little moments – maybe while you’ve got your bucket of super-sized popcorn and “free refill” in your lap, watching previews for a Transformers movie – when you realize things in the U.S. of A. aren’t … Continue reading

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Doofus Derby

We’ve got the drunk joy-riding grandma in Florida who popped her 7 yr. old grand-daughter into a toy Hot Wheels car and hitched it up – with dog leashes – to a moving vehicle helmed by her intoxicated, quadruple DUI’d, driver’s … Continue reading

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You Broke My Heart, Fredo

(An expanded version of my rant can be found at You Broke My Heart, Fredo  Johnny Depp. This is just tremendously disappointing. How can you do this to me? I’m your biggest 40-something white female/former preschool teacher/college administrator fan. I … Continue reading

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Put A Lid On It

Remember how in the West Wing, CJ Cregg/Allison Janney would always say “That’s a lid” at the end of her press briefing and the reporters wouldn’t get any more news from her? My sister and I have been wondering if … Continue reading

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Too Busy For Life?

Here’s my Time.Com column today – and mentioned by Andrew Sullivan on 5/2 –  a more polished variant of my Generation Chasm blog post I wrote a few days ago – about why today’s young people have trouble transitioning to … Continue reading

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