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Is Poor Sanitation A Feminist Issue?

My column today on the tortuous experience – especially for women – of living without proper sanitation. I can’t forget trudging — mercifully only as a short-term voyeur — through villages in Africa and South Asia, with no idea where … Continue reading

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Bad Teacher: Is Teacher-bashing misogynistic?

I recently came across an interesting blog post about the sexist roots of teacher-bashing. It got me thinking about why our society is so mean-spirited about teachers compared to, say, factory workers or firefighters or food inspectors. Other unionized employees or … Continue reading

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Animal Magnetism

Well, well… wonders never cease: I have a “pretty good” infestation of ants, mice, and red squirrels in my new Vermont place.  Forgive me for not being shocked, shocked that I’m shacking up, once again, with a pack of dimwit … Continue reading

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Should We Stop Telling Our Kids That They’re Special?

Here’s my newest column: Wellesley High School families who’d come to graduation last week expecting a warm bath of clichés were treated to a bracing shower from David McCollough, Jr., instead. “You’re not special, you are not exceptional,” the … Continue reading

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Vermin Invasion

My kids used to force me to play a game called, “Would You Rather?”  It involves making a forced choice between two far-fetched but totally unacceptable choices. It’s a stupid game – grotesque and puerile – and thus highly entertaining … Continue reading

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Soldier Suicides Outpace Combat Deaths

Depressing news of the day (from the NY Times): The suicide rate among the nation’s active-duty military personnel has spiked this year, eclipsing the number of troops dying in battle and on pace to set a record annual high since … Continue reading

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The Kids Are All Right

Have you noticed all the teenage hugging everywhere? I live with three teenagers (actually, our oldest is “aging out” but whatever… I know teens). And I swear: everybody’s hugging everybody all the time. Every goodbye is a sap-fest, even if … Continue reading

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Beautiful Dreamer

Listen up, you daydreamers, you mind-wanderers, you lazy slackers! It turns out tuning-out is a most excellent thing, cognitively speaking, and people do it all the time. Forty seven percent of our waking hours, to be precise.  There are so … Continue reading

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Why Do Critics Hate Kristen Stewart’s Snow White?

My column today: Many critics have faulted Snow White and the Huntsman for, oddly enough, an absence of heart. This is a peculiar criticism for a movie that takes great pains to establish the emotional complexity of its characters. Charlize Theron’s … Continue reading

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Gimme The F-ing Raft, Rose!

In honor of  X Chromosome Movie Appreciation Day, I’m re-posting my post on Titanic from a few months ago. Enjoy!   I’ve said this before but I love Titanic. I do. Shoot me. It’s a terrific movie: the coming-of-age girl … Continue reading

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