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Amherst Rape Scandal: What We Get Wrong About Sexual Assault on Campus

This is my column today on the complex issues around sexual assault on college campuses. There’s much more I wanted to say – and will say, later, on this blog — but for now: The recent media swarm around an anguished report of … Continue reading

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Forest for the Trees

I’ve been taking long walks with my dog around Fresh Pond Reservation in Cambridge MA. It’s a surprisingly wild spot for a city park. A friend once fell into a swamp there and had to claw his way out of … Continue reading

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How the Adults Stole Halloween

Here’s today’s column on the grownup hijacking of Halloween. It was initially a little more of a nostalgia trip/polemic (before the friendly touch of my editor friends at TIME Inc.) on how  parents (and others: e.g. Christian pastors, see … Continue reading

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To Want “But Little”: Reflections from a Second Grade Classroom

“My greatest skill in life was wanting but little.”   –Henry David Thoreau Here’s an old journal entry I wrote when I was student-teaching in a second grade class with Mehrnoosh Watson, a master teacher who had a profound influence on … Continue reading

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Flight of Imagination

I had dinner with a British acquaintance many years ago who demanded to know –  after putting back several drinks – “why such stupid people can be so successful.” Nobody could work out how Americans could be so successful, he told … Continue reading

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Rosy-Fingered Dawn

Human endeavors always grow tiresome but nature never disappoints. Good morning from Vermont!

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When Words Fail

I don’t imagine this photo needs any explanation. Except it so happens that we’re not really witnessing one of the most romantic moments of the 20th century: the sailor, George, was drunk. The woman, Gerta, was a complete stranger, caught … Continue reading

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Woman’s Inhumanity to Women

My column for you: You would think that people with a history of discrimination in the work place might give those whom they resemble a break, but a growing body of research confirms exactly the opposite: women are just as likely … Continue reading

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My Big Fat French Actor

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while… Usual excuses: busy/lazy/poorly organized. I do have a TIME column coming out on Thursday and I swear I have so many fascinating ideas swirling around in my head that you’re just … Continue reading

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