The Female Labor Force Is Actually Stagnating

Here’s my view on the state of women in the workforce, from

79298514The announcement last week that women now comprise 40 percent of the primary ‘breadwinners’ in American households unleashed the usual reflexive responses. Attempting what looked like self-parody, Fox News featured an all-male quartet of pundits sputtering about the decline of women’s “natural” role. Some saw welcome progress for women while others viewed the 40 percent figure as more evidence that the ‘End of Men’ is nigh. Either way, it’s hardly cause for celebration that two thirds of the female (mainly poor) primary earners are really the family’s only earner because they lack a partner or spouse to share the burden.







But amidst all the tumult, few paused to consider why the forty percent figure isn’t even higher. Yes, women have made major gains in the workforce compared to their participation in the labor market in the late 1960s, but much of that growth took place in the 1970s and 1980s and has stalled in more recent decades. In 1990, 74 percent of American women were in the workforce. Twenty years later, that number has only increased by a percentage point, to 75. Other countries, meanwhile, have surged ahead of us…

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2 Responses to The Female Labor Force Is Actually Stagnating

  1. shorelineliz says:


    Do women lack a spouse or partner as a result of divorce? Are women poorer because they are more commonly housing the children after the divorce full time while the Dad gets the kid on weekends? Is child support being regularly paid? Are these just bad economic times for all and the poor get hit the hardest? Maybe “Women’s Liberation” wasn’t all it was cracked up to be? I never burned my bra. Railed against “the patriarchy” and those women who did where are they now? Do they have partner or spousal support or are they alone cause they are angry and scary to not only men but women as well? Who wants a scary angry bra burning women stuck in the 70s with long gray hippy head and armpit hair? I would like all the Uber Feminist women of the 60s and 70s to take responsibility for a movement that caused many women to up and abandon their familial responsibilities and “actuate” or “find themselves”. Then we can talk about WHY women are not partnered or spoused. Frankly, I talk to a majority of men all day long. Women are scary. Bitchy. Want too much. Demanding. Barracudas. They prefer to be single and hang out with the guys. They would no more partner with a woman than a shark. And, quite a few of them are gay. Maybe the Women’s Movement should look into their own micro managing control freak heads and accept that they are alone because they don’t want to share a life. I know plenty of women who are plain “done” with men and the men who are “players” see no need to partner or spouse with a woman cause they can get the women to “give it up” any old time. Promiscuity is the buzz word of the 60s and 70s and “free love” was the mantra. So why should people partner or get a spouse for love when they can sleep around? Seems to me the Women’s Movement has spawned all of this. It seems like a good deal for men and women. They can sleep around and don’t have to ccccc….ommmm…..ittt. Why whine about it now? The Women’s Movement has convinced for 40 years a bunch of other women to be “independent’ and now they whine about having no partner or spouse to help or help with the money? Give me a break! There is an old saying: you made your bed honey now sleep in it! Seems you will be sleeping alone and paying your bills alone. But, you wanted to be independent huh? Didn’t need a man, huh? Well, sometimes getting what you want just plain sucks, huh?

  2. Dave Hussar says:

    You might want to check “74 percent of American women were in the workforce.” That would be a shockingly high number even if it only included working age women. Ratios are a better measurement for the topic:

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