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Cherchez La Femme

Here’s my column today on, what else, L’Affaire Petraeus. Maybe I should start by saying that I met Paula Broadwell at Aspen this summer (where we had a delightful conversation while treadmilling and, yes, she looked awesome and seemed nothing … Continue reading

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Mel Gibson: International Man of Distinction

And THIS MONTH’S MEN OFF LEASH AWARD GOES TO… Seriously, what a disgrace. Yes, I know I’m stretching the criteria a bit to include Mel Gibson but I’ve been holding back for such a long time – chomping at the … Continue reading

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Nuns and Strippers

Well, well… some European leaders really do have a lot of recreational time on their hands! Unfortunately, I’m on the road today and thus can’t give this month’s Men Off Leash award the attention it deserves, but you can read … Continue reading

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Men Off Leash

I am introducing an occasional feature, Men Off Leash, to recognize particularly baroque examples of public sexual meltdowns. This is not a judgment about fitness for public office/celebrity adoration/collective opprobrium blah blah, so don’t get your back up. Just havin’ … Continue reading

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