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Use Your Words

“Words are supposed to hurt. That’s considered a legitimate way of fighting things out. And what did it replace in the historical scene? It replaced actual violence. Words are supposed to be free so we CAN actually fight things out, … Continue reading

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I Have a Voice (And You Do Too)

My son asked me last night if there is still a role for feminism in the 21st century “with all the progress we’ve seen.” Of course! I told him. Steubenville, Ohio and New Delhi, India are surely proof enough. But … Continue reading

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The Music of a Free Society

“We live in a world in which people are beheaded, imprisoned, demoted, and censured simply because they have opened their mouths, flapped their lips, and vibrated some air. Yes, those vibrations can make us feel sad or stupid or alienated. … Continue reading

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Harvard’s Thought Police: Whither Goes Free Speech?

Here’s my TIME.com column today, co-authored with my husband, Nicholas Christakis. There are few things I care more about than free speech and I think it’s fair to say that college campuses are currently one of the most restrictive speech … Continue reading

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