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Preschool Paradox II

This is a version of my Preschool Paradox which I’ve posted at WBUR’s new online magazine, Cognoscenti. It’s a bit more “suitable for work” than my earlier screedy blog iteration. I’ve just started as a contributor at Cognoscenti and it’s got some good voices … Continue reading

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The Preschool Paradox

People keep asking why we should expand subsidized preschool when kids from Finland don’t start school until age seven and seem to turn out pretty damned functional. I agree it’s a puzzle. How can preschool be the best investment a … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Wish For: Obama’s Preschool Plan

My TIME.com column today on why little kids need to be little kids (and we should be worried about turning preschool into ‘big school’): Early childhood advocates were elated by Obama’s State of the Union proposal to vastly expand our infrastructure of … Continue reading

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