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Snake Away: How I cured my phobia and learned to face fear

For as long as I can remember, I’ve hated snakes. Really. Hated. Snakes. Some of my earliest memories involve unpleasant encounters with snakes. At the tender age of six, I found my cat wrestling with a large, thrashing snake in … Continue reading

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Gone Maple Sugarin’ (Instagram version)

Apparently my life would be richer with Instagram. My kids keep telling me to get (an?) (on?) Instagram. I think it’s a graphical Twitter, which isn’t as illuminating to me as you’d think. This stuff confuses me. I was very … Continue reading

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Call of the Wild

Sometimes on my walks around my house in Vermont, I forget who has the upper hand. It’s easy enough to forget; I have the suburbanite’s acquisitive, territorial nature. I like to put on my snow shoes and galumph around the … Continue reading

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Thanks for the Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. I really mean it: Happy Thanksgiving. When I was little, it seemed a banal benediction. ‘Have a nice day’-ish. The truth is, I wasn’t too pro on Thanksgiving. Didn’t like the muted colors, the dreary weather, the icky food. I’ve … Continue reading

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Rosy-Fingered Dawn

Human endeavors always grow tiresome but nature never disappoints. Good morning from Vermont!

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