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Sophomoric Slump

Here’s something to make you smile from a friend’s facebook: I’m importing my laughs today because my 20 year-old son just offered some of his always spot-on feedback: “Mom, your blog isn’t funny anymore.” Finally something we can agree on! … Continue reading

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Raging Grannies Get Mad at Todd Akin Continue reading

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Todd Akin’s “Forcible Rape” of Reason

Here is my column today on the problem of trying to police the kind of trauma that merits an abortion : It’s Code Red as Republicans try to distance themselves from Representative Todd Akin’s recent startlingly inaccurate biology lesson. … Continue reading

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Helpful Tip of the Day: Try Not To Assault People

Re. my earlier piece on the unexamined maleness of violence, I saw that a student posted this on her facebook today. It’s a wonderfully trenchant upending of the typical sort of advice offered to college women. Before y’all get mad … Continue reading

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A Letter To My Conservative Christian Friend

I wrote this letter in 2004, shortly after the re-election of George W. Bush, to a conservative Christian friend who told me — as I’ve been hearing quite a bit in the last few days – that she considered paying … Continue reading

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Is Paul Ryan’s Budget ‘Un-Christian’?

Here is my column today on the Paul Ryan budget. Americans often tell pollsters they yearn for a return to the Christian principles on which the U.S. was founded. If so, they should take a closer look at the … Continue reading

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In Defense of Reason (Yes, It Really IS Hard To Be A Single Parent)

I generally skew liberal, or at least “left of center.” But this Op-ed, “In Defense of Single Mothers,” from the New York Times, makes my blood boil in a most conservative way. To quote my friend, the psychologist and best-selling … Continue reading

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A Room with a View

My English god-daughter took this photo from our deck. (I grabbed it off her sister’s Facebook while ‘stalking’ my own daughter’s Facebook page. Apologies to all for my creepiness.) My goddaughter’s mother, Lucy, is my oldest friend and the one … Continue reading

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And Justice for All

This is a happy day for my family: my brother-in-law, a lawyer and diplomat, just returned from a dangerous year in Afghanistan, where he lived in a 10×20 container while serving as director of the U.S. inter-agency program on Rule … Continue reading

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Dancing Around the Death Penalty

My column today on the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the death penalty: Central casting couldn’t produce a better illustration of what’s wrong with the death penalty than Marvin Wilson, the 53-year-old Texan with an IQ of 61 who … Continue reading

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