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Tolerance Run Amok

I try to be a gracious person but would you mind terribly if I caused offense? I’ve been wondering about the limits of civility in the wake of the recent controversy over Mona Eltawahy’s article (and accompanying photo) on the … Continue reading

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Freak Show

I really don’t like slagging off other women, especially “aging” women who are smart and successful. But sometimes my better angel falls asleep on the job. Check out these scary outtakes (and I hope that’s what they are) from the Washington Correspondents’ … Continue reading

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I am a Disney Princess

So this is a fun little diversion: Have I mentioned that I’m a Disney enthusiast? There’s no hiding my deep affection for Disney World (or “The world” as we cultists like to call it). I’ve been four times as an … Continue reading

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Etan Patz and the End of Carefree Parenting

This is my Time.Com piece today on the advent of helicopter parenting. It’s about the confluence of high profile kidnapping cases and the rise of our “prevention society”: People over 40 love to regale one another with stories of their … Continue reading

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Grand and Romantic

What happened to romance? I’ve been hearing from a lot of college women about the absence of romance in their lives. I don’t mean love, per se, but an absence of what might be considered a precursor or an accompaniment … Continue reading

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Generation Chasm

Have today’s youth jumped the shark with the self actualization? I’m curious what people think. I’ve been one of the very last hold-outs to pile on about “Kidsthesedays.” I love Kidsthesedays! I reflexively defend anything juvenile. It’s in my DNA to … Continue reading

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Dumb and Dumber

Parenting seems to be one of the few enterprises where expertise diminishes over time. Or, rather, one’s perception of expertise diminishes over time, and maybe that amounts to the same thing. All my other life skills — with the possible exception … Continue reading

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Homophobia Is A Sin

Why can’t Christianity be compatible with being gay? Here’s a great conversation between Chelsea Link, former President of the Harvard College Interfaith Council, who blogs at Blogging Biblically, and Matthew Vines, a Harvard student and biblical scholar, whose long term … Continue reading

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Sex and The Soft Bigotry of No Expectations

This is my Huffingtonpost blog post from yesterday, which you can read here: Did you hear the story of the sex columnist who never had an orgasm? True story: Tracy Clark-Flory, sex writer for and an enthusiastic defender of … Continue reading

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Nuns and Strippers

Well, well… some European leaders really do have a lot of recreational time on their hands! Unfortunately, I’m on the road today and thus can’t give this month’s Men Off Leash award the attention it deserves, but you can read … Continue reading

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