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The Fury of a Scorned Scallion

Hark, Ye Sanctimonious Vegetable Growers! I’m off to my new life in Vermont tomorrow and I’ve got the gardening books packed! This one looks like it’s gonna be handy: The Vermont Gardener’s Companion, An Insider’s Guide to Gardening in the … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama’s Garden and the Hard Work of Growing Food

My newest piece on the gardening movement: On the long list of ways I’ve failed my family, I can now add my inability to grow crops. It’s not that I haven’t tried. If I calculated the dollars I’ve spent … Continue reading

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Pioneer Poseur

For as long as I can remember, and with meager supporting evidence, I’ve maintained a fixed belief that I am suited to rural life. I’ve always fantasized about working (successfully) with my hands. Live off the land. Slow down. Adopt … Continue reading

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My Harvard Graduation Wish

Because of You… Yesterday was Harvard’s Graduation and, for those who haven’t seen one, it’s like any other graduation you’ve ever seen except super-sized. It’s higher academia on steroids, the royal wedding of college commencements. Lady Gaga couldn’t dream up … Continue reading

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Three Million Rose-Colored Shot Glasses

(FYI, Here’s a link to the “Who’s a Pervert?” post from a couple days ago that is now up on my Huffington Post blog. ) Here’s my column today on college binge drinking. Proposed changes to the psychiatric profession’s … Continue reading

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Who’s The Pervert?

Published at Huffington Post here. What’s more noxious: a man spanking his 20-month-old child or bathing with her? Consider this: A gay single father has recently been reunited with his twin toddlers after being falsely accused, a year ago, of sexually … Continue reading

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Ask No Questions

Continuing with our Supreme Court justice theme, I’ll just mention that, “as is his custom,” it has been more than six years since Clarence Thomas asked a question during oral arguments. As is my custom, let me say how incredibly asinine … Continue reading

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