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Why the “Robsten” News Makes Us Sad

Here’s my Huffington Post take on the Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson imbroglio. This is not a snarky piece! I ‘m actually sad for them. Background: my editor killed this piece (It was supposed to be my column today) because I … Continue reading

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Who’s The Pervert?

Published at Huffington Post here. What’s more noxious: a man spanking his 20-month-old child or bathing with her? Consider this: A gay single father has recently been reunited with his twin toddlers after being falsely accused, a year ago, of sexually … Continue reading

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Sex and The Soft Bigotry of No Expectations

This is my Huffingtonpost blog post from yesterday, which you can read here: Did you hear the story of the sex columnist who never had an orgasm? True story: Tracy Clark-Flory, sex writer for and an enthusiastic defender of … Continue reading

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More Porny Thoughts

I’m still reeling from the head rush of writing about housing policy! I mean, gosh, where do I go from there? I guess could ride the Financial Timesy wave for a while, talk about today’s big autism news or how … Continue reading

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Andrew Sullivan Mentioned Me

Well, this is an exciting blogging milestone for me: Andrew Sullivan linked to my Fair Trade Porn piece at the Daily Dish.

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A modest proposal: the case for fair trade porn

This post was originally published at  It was also published, in a slightly different form, in the Boston Globe. We have fair trade coffee and humanely raised pork. So why can’t we create a market for ethically sourced pornography? … Continue reading

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What do women want? The cinematic wasteland of female fantasy

This was originally posted at as part one of a three-part series. Note to reader: This is the long-form essay on which the Twilight column was based.  Cinematic wasteland… part one O, wherefore art thou, Gregory Peck? On … Continue reading

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